Privacy Policy

Date of Last Revision: 04/06/2023

Creative Trends Apps LLC ("Creative Trends" or "we" or "us" or "our") makes apps to help you browse content via WebView easier just for you. Users also can share their images and video to third party sites via our apps. Because users can login to different sites and upload their images and videos, we needed a simple Privacy Policy in place.

We take our users ("users or "you" or "your" or "you're) privacy seriously and are committed to protecting the information that we may collect.

What type of information does Creative Trends collect?

Our apps may unintentionally share data with third parties. This means images or videos you upload will be shared to third parties. We Don't control what you share or when you share it. When agreeing to allow permission(s): "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE",  "WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE", or "READ_MEDIA_IMAGES", "READ_MEDIA_VIDEOS", "READ_MEDIA_AUDIO", you agree to allow Creative Trends to upload/use your images and videos for the service you're currently logged into.

What does Creative Trends do with your data?

Nothing. Your data is you data. We don't use it

Simple Notes Privacy Policy

When you log into Simple Notes Creative Trends collects your Google account information which includes your name, email address and profile picture. When signing in you agree that you are of at least 13 years of age or have parental permission/supervision, if needed.

Creative Trends does not collect any other information.

Your Google account information is used to personalize Simple Notes for you, and to sync your notes across all of your devices.

If at anytime you would like to remove any saved notes or your Google account from Simple Notes, you can tap your profile picture in the app, then revoke account access. This will remove your profile, notes, tasks, reminders and your archive. This is permanent and cannot be undone.

Simple X Privacy Policy

When using Simple X, we allow uploads to third party sites. We don't control where content is uploaded or which media is accesed.