Welcome to The Simple for Facebook FAQ's

What is Simple?

Simple is a wrapper for the Facebook mobile site which makes Simple a webView app with enhanced features. Simple works as the Facebook mobile site works and is limited by what the Facebook mobile site can or cannot do.

Can I watch live video or go live?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is no. Facebook does not support live video on it’s mobile site, therefore Simple does not support this feature and will only support it once/if Facebook adds it to their mobile site.

Why can I not tag someone in a post

This is a limitation on some users accounts imposed by Facebook within Facebook mobile, unfortunately we have no control over this feature as Facebook needs to turn this on for your account.

Notifications don’t arrive or are late

Simple tries it’s best to send notifications based on the time you’ve selected within it’s settings menu. Notifications must be turned on to receive them. The default notification time is 30 minutes. With the standard Simple you can sync notifications to as low as 1 minute to 6 hours. With Simple Pro notifications can be synced as little as 30 seconds. Please note: setting a lower sync interval than the default has the potential to cause high data, battery and RAM usage.

Simple is using a lot of battery, why?

As Simple is a webView app, battery use depends on the length of time spent using the app. There is also a very nasty bug that can be found on Lollipop devices as well as some Marshmallow devices that keeps your device connected to webview apps even after they are closed, you can find complaints about this issue here. https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/37038331

Simple is using a lot of RAM, why?

The RAM statistics you’re seeing reported isn’t actual RAM usage, you’re seeing cached data that Simple is using to make the app run smoother. However, if RAM usage is causing battery drain, slowing down of your device or causing your device to heat up or become slow, please report those issues to us.